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Dr. Ranjana Sharma


Dr. Ranjana Sharma has a medical degree BHMS from Solan Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital (SHMCH), Himachal Pradesh, India. She is registered as a medical practitioner with Delhi Homeopathic Board, Govt. of Delhi and central council of homeopathy, Govt. of India. Presently she is practicing in North Delhi, South Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida since 10+ years. She is also DNHE which is a diploma in dietetics & nutrition.

She consciously chose the serene and calm environment of Himalayas to pursue her medical studies away from the hustle and bustle of New Delhi where she completed her schooling.

She got interested in homeopathy and chose it as her life journey after reading books by Dr. George Vithoulkas who is revered all around the world. Since 2004 she has been extensively studying medicine and has an excellent academic record.

To sharpen her clinical skills after college, Dr. Ranjana decided to work under various stalwarts. Each doctor whom she worked with has some unique forte in clinical prescribing. She now has more than 10 years of clinical experience and specializes in diagnosing and treating all kinds of difficult and chronic cases.

She regularly attends workshops and seminars by world renowned doctors and academicians. This helps in fine tuning her clinical skills thus providing best possible treatment to her patients.

Presently she is working as a senior consultant homeopath at Dr Rohit Jain's Homeopathy.

Dr. Ranjana’s diligence, professional excellence, sincerity and dedication arise from her sheer desire to help patients with the world’s most safest and natural system of medicine i.e. homeopathy.

She says, “One of the major challenges before modern homeopathy today is presence of quacks practicing without having any formal education or training. They end up treating gullible patients with wrong medicines, doses and potencies.”

“Homeopathy is a complex science and art which involves intricate decisions regarding selection of medicine, doses, potencies, follow up prescription and so on. This cannot be achieved without having a formal graduate degree and training in clinical medicine. Before going to a homeopath people should be assured of his or her educational credentials, registration with government body as a medical practitioner and so on.”

Dr. Ranjana pronounces, “Homeopathy is amazing, its natural, it works, there are no side effects and I think it is the new cool.”

When she is not studying or practicing, she spends her time reading contemporary fiction, listening to music, and travelling. She is also a foodie and enjoys experimenting with different cuisines with friends and loved ones. She is a self-proclaimed tea addict.

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